CDV - Centrum dopravniho vyzkumu, v.v.i.

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CDV (Transport Research Centre) is the only scientific research public institution under the Ministry of Transport. CDV was established in 1992 as a successor to the Czech Transport Departments Research Institute in Žilina and has been since 2007 a public research institution. The basic purposes of the centre are research and development activities, processing expertise, ensuring projects and services for Ministry of Transport, as well as providing expert opinions for authorities, both public and commercial entities. The Transport Research Centre employs more than 150 workers, among which experts from all modes of transport.

CDV’s professional activity is divided into three divisions: Division of transport development, Division of transport infrastructure and the environment and Division of traffic safety and traffic engineering, which works on this project. The division consists of a number of specific departments whose integrating element is traffic safety. A professional team of traffic engineers, psychologists, sociologists, geographers, urban planners and educators provide a multidisciplinary approach to research tasks. CDV participated in a large number of international projects including many ECfunded projects, from long list of projects we can mention especially 2-BE-SAFE, BEST POINT, CAST, CLOSE TO, CONSOL, eIMPACT, HUMANIST, INTERACTION and SARTRE.

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