CEESAR - Centre Européen d‘Etude de Sécurité et d‘Analyse des Risques

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CEESAR is a non-profit organisation based in Nanterre, near Paris. It was created in 1992, by French carmakers in association with some automotive suppliers, universities and insurance companies. Currently, 40 employees work at CEESAR, in three research departments, focusing on different aspects of road safety research: accidentology, biomechanics and driver behaviour studies.

Since its inception, CEESAR has been in charge of the technical organisation of French carmakers LAB‘s accidentology data gathering and experimental studies (esp. driver behaviour). This comprises the instrumentation of cars, experimentations’ management, data logging and analysis, for a wide array of studies (on open roads, test tracks and simulators), with wide panels (rarely less than a hundred participants).

CEESAR has also been participating in several collaborative projects at national or European level, dealing with road safety applied to cars, bus & trucks, and powered two-wheelers. Recently, CEESAR participated in the 2BESAFE project, organising a pilot naturalistic riding study in France, and in EUROFOT, managing vehicle instrumentation, data collection, processing, and analysis, for the French experiment (40 vehicles).

More information at www.ceesar.fr