IBDiM - Road and Bridge Research Institute

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The Polish Road and Bridge Research Institute is a state-owned research & development entity with over 200 employees, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Infrastructure (EDC 7310). Activities of the Institute cover issues related to materials, engineering, organisation, economy, road safety and the environment. The research subjects of recent years are primarily related with the issues of maintenance of transport structures, including implementation of the Road Surface Maintenance System, Bridge Management System, road telematics, and developing of the advanced road and bridge maintenance techniques.

IBDiM studies driver behaviour mostly through analysis of traffic accident statistics and by using Mobile Laboratories facilitated with cameras and speedometers. The Institute also has a Traffic Monitoring Centre with road cameras located in the Warsaw region. The Institute co-operates with Polish and foreign scientific and technical organisations, participates in international scientific projects and in the activities of the following international organizations: FEHRL, PIARC, IABSE, EAPA, OECD, FERSI, RILEM, EUROBITUME, ECMT, ERRI, ECS/CEN, AAPT, ISSMGE, FGSV, DECHEMA. IBDiM participates in several EU Framework Program and European Regional Development Fund projects as well as in COST Actions.

More information at www.ibdim.edu.pl