KFV - Kuratorium für Verkehrssicherheit

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The Austrian Road Safety Board (Kuratorium für Verkehrssicherheit) is the major road safety institution in Austria. KFV is politically independent. However, there are close contacts with many ministries where research results and advice help create a basis for decisions by policymakers. The KFV and its staff of around 130 have been the Austrian competence centre for road accident prevention for more than 50 years. A strong team of transport and civil engineers, traffic psychologists, educationists, statisticians and legal experts works strictly cross-disciplinarily and provides high-quality services in all areas of road safety work. Additionally the KFV has a pool of approximately 200 highly qualified freelancers. Each employee is trained in project management as this is considered to be of major importance for KFV.

Due to this and long-term practice, KFV has experienced project managers who are used to manage large-scale projects at national and international level KFV has been involved in numerous European road safety projects, including ANDREA, ADVISORS, DAN, DUMAS, ESCAPE, SARTRE, ROSEBUD, SafetyNet, RIPCORD-ISEREST, INSAFETY, PROLOGUE, DACOTA, various COST Actions and telematic projects like RONCALL_I2. KFV coordinated GADGET, ROSE25 and SUPREME. KFV participates in a number of road safety expert working groups at Commission level, maintains close contacts with leading transport research institutes in Europe, and is an active member of the European road safety organisations FERSI and ETSC.

More information at www.kfv.at