LAB - Laboratory of Accidentology and Biomechanics, GIE PSA – RENAULT

In 1969, PSA PEUGEOT CITROËN and RENAULT began working together in a unique facility today known as the Laboratory of Accidentology and Biomechanics (LAB). Reporting to both groups' Technical Affairs Departments', the LAB is dedicated to acquiring scientific knowledge about road accidents, biomechanics and human behaviour. The GIE RE PSA RENAULT has no staff. The activities are carried out either by RENAULT SAS or PEUGEOT CITROËN AUTOMOBILIES SA (PCA) employees and use common equipment. PSA and RENAULT are the beneficiaries of the IPR developed under the project through the umbrella of the GIE RE PSA-RENAULT. Designers use this information to define new products for the two car manufacturers, who are actively committed to understanding the interactions between automobiles and human safety and health.

The LAB’s activities are divided into two areas: accident research and biomechanics. Both are multidisciplinary, combining the study of human behaviour and technology. The LAB carries out both micro (in-depth accident investigations) and macro accident analysis in order to get epidemiological, etiological as well as clinical knowledge about the injuries and the accident mechanisms. Complementary approaches are supposed to provide the LAB with a comprehensive insight into the identification of relevant accident countermeasures and their function.