Loughborough University, Transport Safety Research Centre

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The objectives of the Loughborough University Transport Safety Research Centre (TSRC) focus upon conducting research that results in the reduction of traffic casualties and mitigates the effects of traffic accidents on society whilst promoting sustainable mobility. It conducts research across a broad range of subjects for Government, Industry and European Commission whilst supporting individual research projects with post-graduate students. Research is conducted into the causes of road accidents and injuries, measures for the effectiveness of safety and mobility technologies and also provides the evidence base for policy development. This includes research into the performance of vehicle safety systems, the relationship between highway characteristics and accident causation, the impacts of accidents on health and the influences of driver behaviour on safety and mobility.

Recently Loughborough University’s TSRC has developed new naturalistic methods to observe driver behaviour which are now used to examine driver risks in normal driving as well as the functionality and impact of driver support systems. The Centre was a member of the PROLOGUE consortium. This study uses controlled fleet trials to evaluate the impact and user acceptance of nomadic driver assistance technologies. Loughborough University’s TSRC has a sound reputation in applied and basic research using the skills in the research team and the results are published widely as reports and journal papers - we strive for research excellence. The aim of the Centre is that the research that it conducts impacts positively on road safety policy, transport design, road safety management systems and health service provision to ultimately protect transport users from injury.

More information at www.lboro.ac.uk/departments/lds/research/groups/tsrc