Or Yarok association for safer driving

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Or Yarok association for safer driving in Israel was established in 1997. It is the largest NGO in Israel dealing with road safety. Or Yarok is engaged in research and practical projects. Its main objective is to advocate for road safety management in Israel through promotion of evidence based road safety. Its main projects include: personal guidance for young drivers and their parents at the beginning of the accompanied driving phase, deployment of traffic Police volunteers, promotion of the GreenBox technology for young drivers. Its main research themes are focused on young drivers, enforcement schemes, alcohol and driving, use of in-vehicle technologies to promote safety, naturalistic studies, parent-teen relations and interactions with respect to driving, as well as public awareness and motivation in the context of road safety.

Or Yarok is also involved in international studies and collaborations including: SARTRE, IRTAD, the PIN-ETSC, EuroRAP and recently participated in the PROLOGUE and DaCoTA projects. In 2004 Or Yarok established the Ran Naor Foundation for promotion of road safety research in Israel. The Foundation finances basic and applied research in the field of road safety and offers research grants to researchers as well as grants to graduate students. It has also initiated and supports two graduate programmes for road safety in two of the leading universities in Israel. Or Yarok Association has been organising congresses and professional seminars which enjoy highrank professional prestige, attended by the best of the local and international academic and men-of-action in the field of road safety.

More information at www.oryarok.org.il