TUC - Technische Universität Chemnitz

The Professorship of Cognitive and Engineering Psychology at TU Chemnitz combines fundamental research on attention, human memory, and decision making with applied research in areas like human factors, human-machine-interaction, and cognitive ergonomics. This connection creates a better understanding of underlying cognitive processes in those applied fields. The core research field in which those fundamental and applied areas are combined is traffic psychology.

A substantial number of projects, with focus areas on road safety and e-mobility, have been completed in recent years. The Professorship of Communications Engineering at TU Chemnitz develops algorithmic solutions for sensor processing and data analysis. One research focus is on sensor and information fusion for vehicle environment recognition and driver state estimation. As a founding partner of the Interdisciplinary Center for Advanced Driver Assistant Systems (I-FAS) at Chemnitz University they are involved in fundamental research for Naturalistic Driving Studies as well as the German Naturalistic Driving Pilot Study.

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