University of Leeds

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The Institute for Transport Studies (ITS) at the University of Leeds undertakes research ranging from blue skies exploration of new ideas and concepts to targeted commissions for specific clients. ITS has over 70 research-active staff and is one of the world’s largest academic centres for Transport research and has consistently been awarded the highest possible rating for the quality of its work. The UDRIVE contribution will be made by the Safety and Technology research group at ITS. The Safety and Technology Group has researchers in psychology, physiology, engineering and social science working to improve the understanding of road users’ behaviour in order to develop and assess new techniques for contributing to a safer, cleaner and more efficient transport network.

The group has led projects on the safety assessment of new transport technologies and has pioneered research on intelligent speed adaptation (ISA). In the area if real-world data collection, the group has led two large-scale national FOTs on ISA. It was heavily involved in the FESTA project, and led the work package on methodology. The group currently participates in the euroFOT and FOT-NET projects and is leading the new ecoDriver IP on green driving. ITS led the HASTE European project studying the impact of driver distraction on driving performance and safety, and work has continued to explore the relationship between driving task demands and driver willingness to engage in distracting tasks. It also provides UDRIVE with relevant expertise in driver modelling, through experience in AIDE and in the current European project ITERATE which has developed and validated a model to predict errors and violations in driving.

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