FOT-Net Data International Workshop on ITS and Connected Vehicle Data

05 October 2015 -

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FOT-Net Data International Workshop on ITS and Connected Vehicle Data

From Field Operational Tests to Deployment

This workshop, organised in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT),  aims to facilitate exchange of information on FOTs and data sharing between the three regions, and will focus on challenges and opportunities with data collection, sharing, and management, as connected vehicle programs across the three regions transition from research to deployment.

It will be held before the ITS World Congress opening ceremony, and it will address questions such as:

  • How can lessons learned from FOTs concerning data ownership, personal data and anonymisation be used in the deployment phase?
  • How to deal with research versus operational data?
  • How can stakeholders profit from international sharing of data and experiences from FOTs and pilots?
  • Which research areas or specific questions need to be answered to enable and facilitate deployment, and can analysis of existing FOT datasets provide some of the answers?
  • In the workshop we will have presentations from FOTs and pilots from the three regions. There will be discussions in small groups, addressing these questions and exploring potential solutions.

This workshop is meant for everyone interested in ITS and connected vehicle data sharing, people working in FOTs, decision-makers in private and public organisations, data experts and transport researchers. We strongly encourage the participants to bring their own questions and experiences.

Registration is free of charge, but required. To sign up, click here.