Traffic safety of electric bicycles – A naturalistic cycling study

2016-02-04 10:40:54

The number of electric bicycles has increased in recent years in Germany and elsewhere. 410,000 electric bicycles were sold in Germany in 2013 only. The growing number of electric bicycles and the possibility of higher speeds give rise to concerns about road safety.

German Insurer… 

ANDS Progress report for December 2015

Maria de Rycke 2016-02-04 10:18:44

Since the study launched in April, teams of technicians and researchers from UNSW and Monash University have been working to install ANDS equipment in both Sydney and Melbourne.

So far, ANDS hardware has been installed into 74 vehicles and we have collected the equivalent of a total of 18.3 years of driving from our participating drivers! But we need more. We are aiming for a total of 360 vehicles in this study!

The Australian Naturalistic Driving Study


UDRIVE presented at the 4th International Conference on Driver Distraction and Inattention 2015

Maria de Rycke 2015-12-07 16:01:31

UDRIVE Coordinator Nicole Van Nes (SWOV) presented UDRIVE at the 4th International Conference on Driver Distraction and Inattention (DDI2015), which took place on 9-11 November 2015 n Sydney, Australia.

Driver distraction and inattention continue to be significant road safety problems. DDI2015 aimed to bring participants up-to-date on recent developments and trends in the field, and to bring together researchers and practitioners.

The major themes for the conference


First insights into driving patterns of aged people

Maria de Rycke 2016-01-20 12:43:57

World first insights into the driving patterns and behaviours of people aged 75 and over were revealed for last summer in Melbourne. Ozcandrive, a 5-year collaborative study, led by the Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC), is the first to evaluate and track drivers as they age, both in clinical environments and out on the road.

The study is the first to combine extensive data detailing every single car journey, with comprehensive health and medical analysis.


Call for papers open for the ITS European Congress 2016

Maria de Rycke 2015-10-29 14:53:29

The Call for Technical, Scientific, and Commercial papers for the 11th ITS European Congress in Glasgow, 6-9 June 2016, is now open.

Authors can submit their Technical and Scientific Papers for either traditional presentations or interactive sessions. Authors intending to be considered for the Commercial Papers category can submit their paper for a commercial theatre session. ITS experts are also welcome to submit Special Interest Session proposals