Naturalistic Driving data to shed light over reasons for teen driver crashes

2015-08-14 07:58:12

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has been using Naturalistic Driving data to assess the prevalence of environmental factors and driver behaviors in teen driver crashes.

Understanding the prevalence of potential contributing causes of crashes provides a significant societal benefi… 

Dr Van Nes: "This (NDS) data is really as close as we can get to a look over the driver’s shoulder in real traffic conditions"

Maria de Rycke 2015-06-01 12:21:32

The project coordinator Dr Nicole van Nes (SWOV) talks about UDRIVE in this interview, which has been published on the Cordis' magazine (issue 42).

The interview focuses on how UDRIVE can contribute to making European roads safer and more sustainable, thanks to the valuable data extracted from this first large-scale Naturalistic Driving Study carried out in Europe.

"With our recordings, we can


UDRIVE Coordinator presents the data protection concept in the UDRIVE project at FOT-Net Data Stakeholder Meeting

Maria de Rycke 2015-03-16 15:58:17

The UDRIVE Project Coordinator, Nicole van Nes of SWOV, presented the data protection concept in the UDRIVE project at the FOT-Net Data Stakeholder Meeting on Open Data and Data Re-use in Horizon 2020. 

The stakeholder meeting took place in Brussels on 10 March 2015.

You can download the UDRIVE (and other) presentation(s) here


TRA 2016: Deadline call for abstracts 30 March 2015

Maria de Rycke 2015-03-23 11:47:46

TRA, Transport Research Area

The 6th European Transport Research Conference "Moving Forward: Innovative Solutions for Tomorrow's Mobility" will take place at the National Stadium, Warsaw, Poland, 18-21 April 2016.

The deadline for the call for Abstracts is 30 March 2015.

For more information on the TRA 2016 meeting, click here.

UDRIVE project update in 3rd FOT-Net Data Newsletter

Maria de Rycke 2015-02-25 10:59:29

FOT-Net Data has just released its third newsletter. The newsletter highlights the importance of re-using data from other projects, explains how this will save time and resources and may lead to new insights. Valuable knowledge about human behaviour in traffic is to be found in the data that has been gathered over the years. Existing data sets constitute a rich source of information for the new wave of FOTs that are in the pipeline. The FOT-Net Data newsletter also provides an update on