Operation Sites

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The UDRIVE Operation Sites (OS) will manage all aspects of the project’s data collection phase: from the recruitment of drivers/riders and vehicles (passenger cars, powered-two wheelers and trucks) to the transfer of the collected data to data centres, through the installation of data acquisition systems (DAS) in vehicles. Data collection will take place in seven EU Member States:

The choice of operation sites (OS) was motivated by aiming at having a good spread over countries with different characteristics in terms of road safety records, road user behaviour, road infrastructure characteristics, the presence of vulnerable road users, climate, traffic density, etc, as well as the experience of the OS leaders with ND tests with their target group.

In UDRIVE an extended data acquisition system (DAS) will be used with data recording including geographic information system (GIS) data and at least two video cameras, one with forward view, the other with a view on the driver.