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D11.2 - Preliminary analysis plan D11.2 - Preliminary analysis plan

This deliverable describes the planned analysis to answer the UDRIVE research questions. A selection was made to identify those research questions that are best suited to address the goals of UDRIVE with the available data sources and within the budget available in UDRIVE. The updated list contains 32 research questions from five research areas grouped into 10 tasks, and allows the analysts to reach a better understanding of the planned activities and identify possibilities for harmoni-sation.

D12.1 - Study plan D12.1 - Study plan

This deliverable presents a data collection plan to answer the research questions. It provides an overall study design, defining participant and vehicle profiles, as well as describing subjective data requirements. The output facilitates trial planning, participant recruitment and OS preparation tasks. The field trials will involve three types of vehicles, partners across 7 countries and aims at recruitment of 315 participants. With respect to vehicles, engine size and intended travel patterns are the primary foci.

D21.1 - DAS Technical Specification D21.1 - DAS Technical Specification

This deliverable describes the technical requirements for the complete data acquisition system (DAS) equipment used for EU project UDRIVE. The main aim is to gather high quality driving environment and behavioural data. The DAS equipment records the test vehicles driving environment with interior and exterior cameras, and GSM network communication will be used by the data logger to send out status report and communicate with an internet based status web application. All data are stored in a central database.

D30.1 - Overview of the Data Collection D30.1 - Overview of the Data Collection

This deliverable details the steps and activities necessary to organise, prepare and carry out data collection at each OS. It clarifies the objectives and responsibilities with regards to SP3 organisation and execution, describes the organisation and planning tasks to prepare for the data collection, the channels for recruitment and its legal, ethical, technical and operational challenges. The last chapter details the actual data collection phase. With regards to recruitment, the deliverable indicates that the duration of the study was one of the main barriers for recruitment.

D31.1 - Operation Sites Description and Planning D31.1 - Operation Sites Description and Planning

This deliverable presents the seven operating sites (OS): Austria (PTWs, KFV), France (Cars, CEESAR), Germany (Cars, DLR), Netherlands (Trucks, TNO), Poland (Cars, IBDIM), Spain (PTWs, CIDAUT), UK (Cars, UNIVLEEDS/LOUGHBOROU). Each OS determines its geographical coverage and personnel responsible for trial operation. They confirm compliance with the global schedule and with site specific schedules. Further planning issues consider participant liaison strategies, collection of subjective data, data acquisition system installation and maintenance procedure, data collection and management, data and operational quality assurance, end of trial management and ethical ap-proval and legal issues. All OS planned the trials following the common guidelines, but also accommodated the trial preparation to local circumstances.