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D43.1 - Driver distraction and inattention D43.1 - Driver distraction and inattention

This deliverable provides better understanding of whether and how drivers manage their secondary task activities. An automated procedure has been applied to provide candidate cases of secondary tasks to manual annotators. The automatic annotation tool is based on deep learning algorithms. The focus of the research questions was on self-regulation, on how drivers manage their secondary task activity in the context of the dynamics of the traffic and road situation. That man-agement includes the determination not to engage in such tasks in the first place or only to engage in some particular activities. The deliverable finds that car drivers spent 10.2% of their driving time engaged in some kind of secondary tasks. The total time spent in all the secondary tasks for truck drivers sums up to about 20%. The duration of secondary task was affected by complexity of manoeuvre. There are thus indications of some self-regulation by drivers.

D41.1 - The UDRIVE dataset and key analysis results D41.1 - The UDRIVE dataset and key analysis results

This deliverable presents key results of the analysis performed in UDRIVE SP4. It also describes the UDRIVE dataset. The analysis was facilitated by tools such as the quality assurance procedures and data tracking, the SALSA data processing tool, the UDRIVE annotation codebook and high-quality manual annotation of video. The analysis itself is described in short in this report, while details are presented in separate UDRIVE deliverables. In summary, a large variety of analyses was performed on the UDRIVE naturalistic driving data (NDD). Although the efforts and results have been significant and already impact safety measure design and devel-opment, the UDRIVE project has only scratched the surface of the analysis potential.

D63.9 - Concise overview of main results of the project D63.9 - Concise overview of main results of the project

This deliverable takes the form of an online website showcasing the main results as highlights in the sectionsVulnerable Road Users (VRU), Distraction, Eco-driving, Risky behaviour and Data collected & exploitation.The Compendium has been made as a website to maximise the audience The Compendium is available via the UDRIVE website.

D63.7 - Final conference D63.7 - Final conference

This deliverable reports on the final project conference – the UDRIVE Experience – which took place on 7 June 2017, in the Hague, the Netherlands. The final event was organised in conjunction with the 6th International Naturalistic Driving Research Symposium. The goal of the final conference was to present the UDRIVE was results to an audience of international researchers, public authorities and other stakeholders. A vehicle demonstration of an equipped car and motorcycle, was also organised. About 150 international participants attended. This deliverable contains a report of the conference, a list of participants, list of participating organisations, agenda of the event etc.

D63.6 - Final project brochure D63.6 - Final project brochure

This deliverable takes the form of three short films The main goal of the films is to disseminate the project results in an easy way to a broad public via online media. The three videos, entited “Introducing UDRIVE”, “Collected data” and “Key results” are available on the UDRIVE website.