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D32.1 - Participant Recruitment Procedures D32.1 - Participant Recruitment Procedures

This deliverable presents the recruitment procedures for participants. Since the target sample is different in each country, every OS described its recruitment strategy and how it planned to reach out to enough possible participants. OS defined the geographic region of recruitment as well as means to recruit test subjects and legal issues regarding recruitment.

D32.2 - DAS setup, data collection and transfer procedures D32.2 - DAS setup, data collection and transfer procedures

This deliverable fills organisational gaps left between other planning operations, and mostly to ensure a smooth start of the work. The issues to focus on are the safety and security of data, its physical transfer from the vehicle until delivery at the LCD and gentle and considerate treatment of participants.

D33.1 - Overview of OS preparation, sample characteristics & piloting D33.1 - Overview of OS preparation, sample characteristics & piloting

The deliverable presents the preparation for data collection for each OS. It elaborates on prerequisites for each OS, in terms of logistics, documentation, and instrumentation. Moreover, it details the pilot test procedures to dictate the experimentation. Lastly, the feedback for each OS is reported through a checklist in all possible contexts of the trial and also through reporting of issues.

D34.1 - Summary of OS operations D34.1 - Summary of OS operations

This deliverable provides an overview of the OS operations during the data collection phase. It contains the vehicles instrumentation towards the start of full-scale operations, the operational tasks involved during the data collection to monitor the vehicles, the drivers and the data quality, the final stage including the de-installation and the exit questionnaire collection and an overview of the final sample and total data collected per OS and per vehicle type. The deliverable concludes with the summary of the learned lessons, in regards to recruitment, instrumentation and data collection.

D35.1 - Lessons learnt from OS operations D35.1 - Lessons learnt from OS operations

This deliverable focuses on the specific lessons learnt from the data collection in UDRIVE. During the project, the operation sites provided three feedback rounds and and gathered 71 lessons. Participants filled out a final questionnaire. A frequent problem across the Operation Sites (OS) was the participants’ drop-outs. The main lesson learnt was that it is important to maintain a set of replacement participants until the end of the project. From the participants’ questionnaires, it was noted that even if they felt comfortable, their driving behaviour was affected. The roles and responsibilities of every supplier should be defined in detail to avoid misunderstandings, delays or ambiguities. Developing as much early as possible a very detailed and realistic plan of action allows to avoid delays, overspending, save resources and to achieve the project objectives.