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D11.2 - Preliminary analysis plan D11.2 - Preliminary analysis plan

This deliverable describes the planned analysis to answer the UDRIVE research questions. A selection was made to identify those research questions that are best suited to address the goals of UDRIVE with the available data sources and within the budget available in UDRIVE. The updated list contains 32 research questions from five research areas grouped into 10 tasks, and allows the analysts to reach a better understanding of the planned activities and identify possibilities for harmoni-sation.

D52.1 - The potential of naturalistic driving studies with simple Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) for monitoring driver behaviour D52.1 - The potential of naturalistic driving studies with simple Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) for monitoring driver behaviour

This deliverable concerns questions regarding the potential of simple and low-cost technologies for future Naturalistic Driving data collection in relation to the complex, tailor-made and expensive data acquisition devices that have been used in recent large scale naturalistic studies. A major strength of the elaborated DAS used in UDRIVE is its extensiveness and hence, its ability to address many research questions and provide a comprehensive view of the driving environment and circumstances. Although there is no real substitute to a car equipped with 7 cameras and ample data loggers and sensors, all integrated into a workable platform, given the rapid advancement of technology, a vast amount of interesting and relevant research questions can be addressed with much less sophisticated and costly systems.

D21.1 - DAS Technical Specification D21.1 - DAS Technical Specification

This deliverable describes the technical requirements for the complete data acquisition system (DAS) equipment used for EU project UDRIVE. The main aim is to gather high quality driving environment and behavioural data. The DAS equipment records the test vehicles driving environment with interior and exterior cameras, and GSM network communication will be used by the data logger to send out status report and communicate with an internet based status web application. All data are stored in a central database.

D51.1 - Safety and sustainability D51.1 - Safety and sustainability

This deliverable formulates measures to improve road safety based on the UDRIVE findings while keeping in mind that they cannot be generalised to all car drivers or all European countries. Rec-ommendations are clustered in regulation and enforcement measures, vehicle safety, awareness campaigns and training and road infrastructure design. Recommendations are made in the areas of seat belt use, speeding, reduction of critical situations, vulnerable road user safety, eco-driving promotion and secondary task reduction. The recommendations should be completed after new analyses on the UDRIVE data, which was not analysed completely. The workshops discussions at the end of the project highlighted several stakeholders' needs that could be addressed by new analyses.

D12.1 - Study plan D12.1 - Study plan

This deliverable presents a data collection plan to answer the research questions. It provides an overall study design, defining participant and vehicle profiles, as well as describing subjective data requirements. The output facilitates trial planning, participant recruitment and OS preparation tasks. The field trials will involve three types of vehicles, partners across 7 countries and aims at recruitment of 315 participants. With respect to vehicles, engine size and intended travel patterns are the primary foci.