Details for D53.1 - Driver models and risk functions on safety and sustainability

Name:D53.1 - Driver models and risk functions on safety and sustainability

This deliverable investigates how Naturalistic Driving Data (NDD) can be used to improve existing driver models, particularly those related to safety and sustainability. The analysis builds on the specific case of driving in horizontal curves on rural and motorways roads. Single-vehicle crashes, often occurring on curves, account for approximately one-third of fatalities across Europe and the speed choice on curve approach has significant environmental implications. The results show that problematic steering by the UDRIVE participants could be related to curve radius: the tighter the curve, the higher was the incidence of high-amplitude steering input. There is a far higher risk for small-radius curves. The insight obtained can not only enhance driver-vehicle simulation models, but also suggests the development of new countermeasures to stimulate greater safety margins in curve driving. Suggested further work would be to investigate the correlation between the safety and eco-related.

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