Details for D44.1 - Interactions with vulnerable road users

Name:D44.1 - Interactions with vulnerable road users

This deliverable analyses the interactions of pedestrians, cyclists and PTWs with passenger cars and trucks. The aim was to identify and understand the everyday behavioural patterns in these interac-tions as well as the circumstances of safety critical events (SCE). For cyclists, identified SCEs were caused by a combination of infrastructure (a curve or a too narrow road), manoeuvre (often over-taking), the presence of other traffic, and an error or unexpected behaviour of the cyclist (slowing down). For pedestrians, in around three quarters of SCEs, the driver him- or herself had spotted the pedestrian in time. In the remaining situations, a warning system could have been of help. For PTWs, the data did not show that car drivers tend to follow them closer than cars or trucks.

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