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D63.5 - Six regional workshops D63.5 - Six regional workshops

This deliverable provides insights into the regional workshops in 6 different OS. The workshops took place in the period from March to May 2017. They were organised by each OS with the objective to present UDRIVE project and promote the UDRIVE final event to the local stakeholders in the local language. More specifically the workshops also aimed to inform the participants about the project methodology, current status and prospective outputs as well as to promote the UDRIVE final event on 7 June 2017. Out of the 6 regional workshops planned, 4 have already taken place. The Spanish and UK OS have decided to hold their regional workshops once the project has finished to present the final results of the project and exploitation possibilities.

D63.4 - Thematic workshop: Preliminary analysis results D63.4 - Thematic workshop: Preliminary analysis results

This deliverable reports on Thematic Workshops on Preliminary Analysis results, held on 7 and 8 March 2017 in form of four consecutive webinars.

D63.3 - Thematic workshop: Research questions D63.3 - Thematic workshop: Research questions

This deliverable summarises the workshop held on 12 March 2013 in Brussels. It was concluded that the expected benefits of UDRIVE offer a better understanding of everyday driving and riding, and of safety in critical events. It will be possible to make a comparison between risk and exposure between the seven countries involved. Important to note is that UDRIVE represents just a small percentage of safety and eco-driving research. The infrastructure and road design were not discussed in the workshop.

D63.2 - Project identifiers, leaflet and website D63.2 - Project identifiers, leaflet and website

This deliverable compiles project identifiers, which aim at disseminating general information about UDRIVE through the use of a recognisable brand/visual identity and disseminating intermediate and final findings and results to stakeholders and scientific community. The activities are led by ERTICO, working closely with SWOV, and include: visual identity (logo, PowerPoint template, etc.), website, poster, leaflet and boilerplate PowerPoint presentation.

D54.1 - Feasibility of commercial applications D54.1 - Feasibility of commercial applications

This deliverable addresses how NDD can be used for the development of driver support functions and driver coaching. It also outlines business models for continued and open access to UDRIVE data after the project. For function development, NDD can be used in combination with statistical crash data. NDD can also be used to provide the relevant data to develop, test and validate the behaviour models. For coaching programs, it is necessary to track reliable NDD to provide timely and effective feedback to the driver. For data access, survey respondents favour a one-stop European approach, sharing many different data sets. The main challenges for this are the costs to host the data, the financial model for access and privacy barriers.